Philosophy & Commitment

Really passionate about travel and adventure, we are convinced that traveling allows you to excel and live incredible experiences. Sikha reflects this personality, open to discovery and cultures.

This attraction to the world has developed our anti-globalization consciousness in order to promote a more social and better distributed economy. Thus, the consumer buys the product at a price guaranteeing the producers a fair remuneration of their work, in a social and environmental framework thus better preserved. We try to participate in our scale. Everything is produced in Togo with an excellent seamstress who does everything by hand. It is a meticulous and complex job.

We are a very small team.

The high-quality fabrics are purchased in the Lomé craft markets to provide you with the highest quality and authenticity of the products

Some definitions ...

Altermondialism encompasses subjects such as the environment, the economy, people's autonomy or fundamental human rights.

Fair Trade is a trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, the goal of which is to achieve greater equity in world trade.

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