About us

¿Who is Sikha ?

Find your ethnic style.

From Togo to Madrid passing through Paris, Sikha has been created with the firm intention of highlighting the artisanal “savoir-faire”of Togo. Ethnic fabrics associated with European cuts particularly from Paris.

Each fabric is carefully selected to highlight the authenticity and originality of each garment.

Simple and elegant, the cuts adapt perfectly to your daily life. The clothes are mostly made of cotton, to respect sensitive skinand give you that "second skin" feeling.

Meaning of Sikha

Sikha means Gold in Ewe, a dialect spoken in some countries of Western Africa, like Togo. Gold is a noble material in all cultures. In Togo in particular, it is as precious as the WAX fabric (sentimental value) which is passed down from generation to generation.

Exclusive Collection?

Exclusive collection because each piece is unique. There is only one size S, M, L in each model. And you will be the only one to own it. Take a good look at the size guide before choosing your size.

Sikha is a lifestyle.

Far off the beaten track for those looking for something different than the usual standards. Sikha is the alliance between authenticity, culture and modernity.

For lovers of travel and discoveries, because Sikha is not limited only to Togo, France and Spain. On the contrary, Sikha is the idea of ​​being able to travel from country to country, from continent to continent, and finally understand that humanity, so diverse and varied, is only one.







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